Saturday, March 1, 2014

Been too long!

Umm, hello, anybody still here?? 

My poor, poor blog has been terribly neglected! I wonder if I even have any readers left at all.... I am however, just popping in to say a quick hello, tell you that I am alive and well and shall resume blogging very 'soonly'. There is plenty to share and much to cook. Leaving you with a picture of our early morning weekend breakfast tray, really though, I was dying to show off the actual tray. A  friend picked it up for me, after I shamelessly drooled over a similar one at her house. 

My two and a half readers (that too is doubtful) thankyou for staying with me....if you still come back and check for new posts, I am truly grateful. Do stay. 

PS- Just incase you are curious about what was being served in those plates, well, just plain ole' French Toast. Baaah!