Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Star Pork Ribs in a fiery, chilli-garlic sauce!

I have been dying to share this recipe with you all out there. It is that good, trust me on this one. Years ago, I tasted some buffalo wings brought to work by a Vietnamese colleague. The wings were to die for and I begged him for the recipe. He said it was all in the marinade. Ok, so give me the marinade recipe, I asked him. He was not too willing and was vague. I dont get it. Good food and good books are meant to be shared. Some people might want to add 'good music' to that list too. Anyhow, I have come across enough people who are unwilling to share their recipes/food tips. I think such people are plain mean.

Now, on to the recipe I want to share today. So, I was saying, this colleague did not give me much and for quite some time I was left trying to replicate that same taste. Over last week, I am super-duper pleased to inform you that I not only got the same taste as his buffalo wings marinade, but mine was better and how! Come now, let us not waste anymore time bitching about 'vague' colleagues and get down to producing some serious flavours...

Here's what you need to do first off,  prepare your marinade. This is how.
  • 10-15     small Thai red chillis
  • 10          cloves of garlic- chargrilled or boiled- skin included
  • 2            large tomatoes- chargrilled or boiled, skin removed
  • 2            tbsp of soy sauce or any fish sauce
  • 2            tbsp of any rice vinegar
  • 2            tbsp heaped sugar
  • 2            tbsp of oil, I used sesame oil, salt to taste.

How To:

Chargrill Tomatoes, chillis and the garlic pods untill only slightly charred. Cool and clean the tomato skin if grilling. Else, if you are boiling the three, boil them  together untill the tomatoes are softened. Remove skin. Now, cool and blend everything together, except the oil, in to a coarse or fine paste, depending upon your preferance. Keep the skin of the garlic on, it gives a lovely texture.

*Take a tbsp of extra sugar if you like your marinade on the sweeter side, can substitute with honey too, in which case you will have to take more as compared to sugar. I'd say another 2 tbsp more. If you want a tangier kick, take extra vinegar. As usual, do a taste test and decide.

*I recommend using thai red chillis not only because it is fiery hot but also for the lovely red colour it imparts. However, if you cant find these, use any red chillis-fresh or dry, and adjust according to your preferance.

Heat the sesame oil in pan and pour this sauce in. Cook on medium flame untill the oil floats on top. That's it.

*This paste is rather hot and I have used it also as a dip/chutney and a  marinade. Works both ways.

Edited to add: The measurements in the ingredients will yield about 1.5 cups of paste. I used only 6 ribs and used just half cup in the ribs. The entire amount will be good for at least a kilo of any meat easily or even more. Use as per your requirement and store the rest in the refrigerator for use later. Will stay upto a week easily.

Marinate the prok ribs in this marinade for as long as you can. I did not have much time on hand, so made do with only 2 hours. It was all good anyway. Grill on medium heat for about 10-15 minutes on each side. If you marinate the meat longer, you might need to grill less. Adjust according to your grill settings.

 In the mean time prepare your sides. I usually serve pork ribs with chunky bites of grilled veggies and mash potatoes and sometime not even that. Just a big, garden salad is good for us. This time I did make an effort and served up some veggies with Halloumi cheese- all seasoned simply with salt, pepper, dried herbs, whole pods of garlic and a generous drizzle of extra virgin oilve oil. I also made some garlic dinner rolls, mashed potatoes and a salad. I was in a good mood obviously!

And the veggies....

Slices of zuchini, jalapeno, bell peppers, red onions, garlic and halloumi cheese...I love grilled Halloumi.

That cutlery belonged to my grandparents, from the 1950's, Sheffield, England. Now, they belong to me and shall be passed on to my grandchildren one day! :)

 Weeknight inspiration folks! Hubster loved it.
PS- Use this marinade for chicken wings, shredded lamb or duck, boneless beef kebabs or simply cottage cheese. Or use as a dip/sauce with fries and nachos.  100% heaven assured.


  1. Loved the recipe, wil surely try this out. Thanks a ton Harshi for sharing it with us :)

  2. Yeah some people guard their recipes as if they are crown jewels....never mind...important thing is that you worked it out on your own...awesome recipe, will definitely try it....

  3. @Suchi: thanks for visiting and leaving a comment,do ty this out, im sure u will love it. :)

    @smita: Thanks a ton. Do visit again. :)

  4. oh yes there are few people who never share the secrets...good that we bloggers are not like that. thats an awesome recipe and am bookmarking this for DH.