Saturday, October 6, 2012

Things have been a little quiet here...

I am sorry about the long absence. While  many good things have been cooked and photographed, I have not had time to blog about them. It happens often to me, I start off with a big bang and then kind of fizzle out. I am hoping that wont happen this time. I love to cook and entertain. However, for the next six weeks, I will be away in India, visiting my parents. Whenever I go home, I make a resolution to stay away from phones and the laptop. Which means no facebook, no emails, no sms's and no phone calls. It is my detox time and I enjoy being away from it all. I do this twice a year. It has always worked wonders and I come back to Dubai all rejuvenated. We all need it. Time spent at the parents' is completely me time and I also dont do any cooking at all. On the other hand, I get to enjoy all the amazing home food cooked by my mother's cook. She is fabulous....I hope to share some pictures with you. In the mean time, here is a lovely shot of a little viginette I created this evening at home. For your viewing pleasure and to tell you to not to abandon me while I am gone, my 2.5 readers!

Will try and post one or two recipes here before I leave. Toodles!

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