Monday, March 11, 2013

Signs of Summer...Part 1

For those of you who haven't regisered yet that I live in Dubai-UAE, well, its time now to make note of that. And yes, we do live in a furnace. Most of the year anyway. The winter months are most gorgeous here but alas, they fly by way too fast! I was organising my wardrobe yesterday and decided to pack away the two n a half pullovers that the three of us own between us!! Ha ha ha. I took out all my chiffon sarees and stoles. Which is when I realised that summer in Dubai is almost here! Oh man! That also means we residents start gearing up to face the worst..incredibly high temperatures, humidity and no respite untill October now. I also decided to bring in some greens to start the process of changing my summer look around the house. Here are some pictures to soothe the soul...

Linking up to the fabulous "weekly story' series hosted by a dear friend, Patricia of Colours Dekor, one of my favourite home decor blogs. Do hop over and have a look at some of the pretty stuff people share there.

I am thinking of incorporating blues, yellows and green in my house this summer...while I wait for inspiration to strike, have a look at some pics I took this morning.

Just a bunch of greens I plucked from my balcony garden and arranged in blue glassware...

Summers are also for staying indoors, curtains pulled, bedrooms darkened, the ac on full blast and CRAFTS with your restless child! :)

My Jade plants will flourish now in the harsh desert heat...

Bay window in the bedroom...

When all you want to live on are fruits and berries....

Time to bring out the soft chiffons, crisp cottons and all your sliver!!

As the dusk draws close...

....and you get a welcome respite from the harsh heat outdoors.

How do you handle summers in your part of the world??? Do share.


  1. The greens look lovely.. you seem to put everything together so effortlessly... Im very envious.. :)

    1. Oh Thanks Patty. Putting together things is indeed easy, it is taking pics and blogging about them with a restless 4 yr old underfoot which is annoying! :)

  2. I love the greens ...can jade plant live in water? My latest crush is also this summer. ....:)

  3. Hii Harshika!
    Coming here for the first time and already loving my visit. What lovely greens...the greens surely steal my heart away..... pretty pretty.
    Come visit my blog sometimes!


  4. @Nayana: Welcome to my blog. Thanks. Jade wont do well in water at all, it needs minimal watering and harsh, desert like heat conditions. However, I brought in just a few stems for my indoors, you know, it is still surviving since the day I posted this post, it hasnt drooped either, so am letting it continue. :) DO come back again.

  5. @Akanksha: Thanks for your lovely words. I am so happy you enjoyed your visit. Will def check out your blog too. :) DO keep coming.