Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Coffee Story

Are you a coffee person? I am not. I'm a Chai lover. I always keep saying, 'coffee will never be my cup of tea!' However, the hubster is a coffee junkie and cannot function without his early morning cuppa. I also make decent coffee, well anyone would, if forced to live with a coffee nazi!

On most days I use instant Nescafe Gold (the brand) granules. I dont need to ever grind our coffee because we get a big stash of fresh ground beans from India sometimes. On weekends, if I am feeling kind towards the hubster, I will brew him a fresh mug with the said ground beans. Else, Nescafe it has to be.

Here's how I make his.

1 tsp heaped coffee powder/granules
1.5 or 2 tsp sugar
1tbsp hot milk + hot milk, measured out in 'his' favourite mug.

Beat together the coffee powder, sugar and tbsp of hot milk vigrously. Be patient, keep beating untill light and creamy smooth. We need to get the sugar to dissolve completely. Add that mug of hot milk now, stir gently and serve. If I get it right, the grumpy bear in him remains hidden. But I do always get it right!

An antique traditional coffee grinder from Turkey, bowl from Africa, spice spoon also from Africa.

It might seem, we are fussing too much over what is merely instant Nescafe, but trust me, follow this method and you can actually believe you are drinking a world class brew!

The way to my man's heart, at least in the mornings, when his tired, lawyer brains are dead!

Have a fabulous weekend ahead...

So how do you make your coffee? Or like me, you are a Chai junkie?? Do share here.

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