Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Queen Of My Castle...1

I love doing up my house. Anytime, all the time. I love interior design. It is perhaps a passion overriding my love for cooking I think. Which is why I am unable to stop myself from sharing pictures of my own house, corners I have done up, the pretty things I collect and keep rotating just to create pleasing vignettes and sighing happily over the end result . I had this passion even as a little kid except my mother wouldn't let me do much around 'her' house . She said 'dont mess with my stuff, wait for your own house'. As far as I was concerned that wasn't happening fast enough. I wanted to be a wife and mommy at age twelve!  Just to be able to decorate and cook to my heart's content, not realising that one needn't be married to indulge in either 2. being creative and decorating and playing house. Sigh. Anyhow, from where I look at it now, I am living my dream and it is being financed by the hubster, so, win-win. This blog is a great way for me to share my creativity and let the juices flow unbashed. Bliss! So long I can, I will be sharing my favourite recipes and ofcourse now on a regular basis, my own home decor ideas/pictures.  

Much as I love interior designing and keeping a pretty house, I dont usually spend a lot of time on sites related to it. It gets too much and I get very frustrated with not having access to most things myself, for eg, Mexican pottery. Gosh, it is so, so,so beautiful and sitting here in Dubai, I am heartbroken that for now I dont have any means of aquiring some. You get my point? So what I do is, play house here itself and keep myself happy with the little changes/decorating I carry out in my own home. It makes me happy at a very deep level. And it makes me happier still, to share it with you, my two and a half readers! Have a look.... I so hope you like what you see. :)

I love to collect glass bottles, candles, pebbles infact, just about everything...

Prettifying the home theatre system...

Then I collect baskets too....this one is from IKEA.

The new dining table top decor, changed completely from my previous picture of the same...that is by the way, an unused wooden photo  frame being used as a tray for this vignette. From Saharanpur-UP.

Toodles for now, hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.  I did, cleaning, organising, decorating and taking pictures. :) Next up, will be another favourite recipe, so do come back please.


  1. You do have a knack of spreading gorgeousness around you Harshi. Your house looks great just like the food you cook.

    1. Thanks B. Your lovely comment has truly made my day! :)

  2. We share the love for bottles .. :) I love anything that I can keep a water plant in :)